The ones before me

I’ve always had a love for history. And perhaps it’s no surprise. I grow up surrounded by historical places and all the sagas about the people. It’s been the center for battles between two important families for hundred of years, long before we were even called ” Sweden ” and Swedish had a completely different sound to it. But it has also been a religious  place and one of Sweden’s most important and oldest monastery can be found here. Or more like the rest of it. The landscape is amazing. You got the mountain, Omberg- named after Queen Omma. There’s the lake, Vättern, with its deep, cold water but yet beautiful and peacefulness.






What makes an icon?

Icons used to be seen mostly within religion as a piece of art, with a holy meaning. In modern days the word icon is used a bit differently. I asked some of my friends to give me names of who they believe are icons. Nelson Mandela. Bianca Jagger. Kate Moss. Madonna. Sophia Loren to mention some.
But what made them icons? From being something out of reach, a symbol of something much greater than any other living creature, icons are these days more human, more like you and me. Perhaps that’s the magic of it all. They are people, just like us, but leading way for something much greater. An icon is very rarely made by themselves. They are created by everybody around them. Coming from something we can all identify with, something made out of flesh and blood. They don’t always speak out much, but there’s something around them that we need. Something giving us hope.


Kate Moss Leaves After Party in Gold Dress At 50 StJames's in Mayfair, London