Nico Uytterhaegen

I want to be a fashion architect and I look for the right forms, proportions and materials—decoration elements and color are not that important for me- Nico Uytterhaegen.
Nico is a Belgian designer, famous for his leather bags and perfumes. He was noticed in Paris Fashion Week 2005 and in 2011 he presented his perfume collection Nononsense. It consisted of 8 perfumes and in 2012 he added another two. The Nononsense collection reflects the Middle Age and every bottle comes in a handmade leather pouches.

None of the senses are made specifically for a man nor specifically for a woman. For the SS13 collection another two perfumes were created,  Unysekt Vyyr and Unysekt Area- inspired on the Greek Mythology.


The collections are always a balance between history and the future.
“The conflict between tradition and innovation creates an interesting paradox for my avant-garde. The most enjoyable part of designing is the initial development process. This is the part that does not seem like work as it just comes naturally. It’s a constant search for new ideas and what is quite interesting is that even when you go back to the same source, you always find something new… It’s a constant play with new forms, proportions and details. Construction and deconstruction, symmetric and asymmetric forms are the guiding line.”  ( text taken from his Facebook- page ).

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You can also find shoes for both man and women and there’s also some goth inspired jewelry. These shoes are from the SS13 collection.

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