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Ann Demeulemeester RTW Fall 2014

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What’s your style?

Thru the years I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what clothes mean to me. What do I think defines to have a good sense of style? For the last couple of years black have become a bigger and bigger part of my way of dressing. It wasn’t always like that, no no. But then some of the things you could see me wearing in my mid 20′s…. I would be too embarrassed to elaborate. But I guess that’s the natural way. We grow, we explore. We find what we like and what we don’t like.
Black is too often looked at as something boring and a un-inspirering color. But do remember, it’s not that long ago we dressed up in black for our wedding. It is true though, as many say, black doesn’t fit all. Many can get lost in the fabric and find themselves disappear. Me on the other hand- finds myself in the color. This is where I can play with layers and with different cuts and fabrics. It’s about the texture and the silhouette. The person who says that wearing black is a way of hiding is more than welcome to have a look into my wardrobe.
But to go back to my question what I think defines good style. To me that means wearing clothes that will work as an extension of yourself. The garments should feel like they are a part of who you are. Now, this is not the same as trying to become someone thru your clothes. To buy clothes from a certain shop or designer just for the sake of it is not the way to find the true you. Of course I have, like everybody else, special designers I prefer to wear. But it’s because they seem to like similar things and share the same vision as me.
I can agree that fashion can tend to feel a bit serious sometimes but I’m not talking about that nor the trends that keeps coming out from it several times a year. I’m talking about personal, timeless style that do not change by the seasons. If you haven’t already found yours I hope you will soon. I have, and it’s very liberating.

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Le Report

Are you looking for some true avant garde inspiration? Well, well. I have two words for ya. Le. Report. She blows my mind over and over again, I never get disappointed.

You can find her here


Or follow her on instagram: Lereport

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And in one of my favorite dresses. I need to get one.
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Cunnington & Sanderson

It’s the 2009 collection so fashion wise it’s kind of ” old “, but wooow. Beauty. The designers are Matthew Cunnington and John Sanderson. Cunnington&Sanderson. Love everything about it. The silhouettes. The draping. The fabrics. It’s avant garde as its best.

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What makes an icon?

Icons used to be seen mostly within religion as a piece of art, with a holy meaning. In modern days the word icon is used a bit differently. I asked some of my friends to give me names of who they believe are icons. Nelson Mandela. Bianca Jagger. Kate Moss. Madonna. Sophia Loren to mention some.
But what made them icons? From being something out of reach, a symbol of something much greater than any other living creature, icons are these days more human, more like you and me. Perhaps that’s the magic of it all. They are people, just like us, but leading way for something much greater. An icon is very rarely made by themselves. They are created by everybody around them. Coming from something we can all identify with, something made out of flesh and blood. They don’t always speak out much, but there’s something around them that we need. Something giving us hope.


Kate Moss Leaves After Party in Gold Dress At 50 StJames's in Mayfair, London

Avant garde

Rick Owens. Gareth Pugh. Barbara í Gongini. Damir Doma. Mugler. V Ave Shoe Repair. Comme des Garçons.
If you look up the word avant garde, Wikipedia will give you this explanation; the avant garde are people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture and politics. The avant garde pushes boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or status quo, primarily in the cultural realm.

I think a lot of people look at it as something very dark and mysterious, sometimes even weird. In my eyes it’s intriguing and innovating and the people within it as very strong minded individuals.
I once did a photo shoot with a avant garde store in London and I took the opportunity to ask the manager/buyer about his point of view. In my eyes he’s spot on and I couldn’t put it an any other way.

¨ I see avante garde, or the designers that design within it as people who create their own design universe. They may use cultural, musical, art even social  references, but the outcome is still very much their own. They do not follow trends and change style each season, they remain true to their vision and experimentation. That could be one word to describe avante-garde. Experimentation with concept, forms, fabrics, silhouettes, pushing the boundaries. ¨

Barbara ì Gongini

Barbara í Gongini

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Gareth Pugh





Short word with a much greater meaning. What does art do to one? How should you relate to it? Today art is pretty much everywhere. The internet and social media has made it much easier for everyone to experience it. I guess you can say a lot of negative things about it but I also believe there’s a lot of good coming out of it. Because of the internet we can find artists that we would never ever hear about. You can find inspiration from others in a much greater way. More artists get a chance to show off there work. For me, who been working within fashion for the last 12 years, I mostly notice the difference thru all the web magazines. A couple of years ago it was far less. In the beginning I thought it was all good. It gave me a chance to be seen outside Sweden. But then I stepped upon this little problem; these projects people more often contacted me for wouldn’t bring in any money. The almost forbidden word; money. For a while I got really tired of it all. Are people stupid? This is my job- how will I survive if I can not get paid? But things changed, and I’m happy they did. I now have a job, providing me with all the bread and butter I need. This is giving me the freedom to actually use my talent and my creativity in ( for me ) a perfect way. If you have a creative mind it’s never about if you are going to do it or not. It’s about you just have to do it. And I felt like I was stuck in this little spot, where my creativity didn’t grow, it didn’t feel inspired and that is a danger for an artist. I’m surrounded by so many talented people with whom I would love to work with and in that way find the inner happiness that comes with it. I new-discovered a joy in art history. Coming up with my own ideas, cultivated thanks to Dalí, Matisse, Degas among others. I’ve found a way to create art, but with a hint of fashion.



What is beauty?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. Thru here you will be able to get to know what beauty is to me. I’m obsessed with pictures. As normal for most creators my mind communicate thru pictures and in some sense with words. I will take you into my world of art and with some help from other artists, you will hopefully find some inspiration and go on and make your own.

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One Represents  Makeup by: Julie Jacobs

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