What’s your style?

Thru the years I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what clothes mean to me. What do I think defines to have a good sense of style? For the last couple of years black have become a bigger and bigger part of my way of dressing. It wasn’t always like that, no no. But then some of the things you could see me wearing in my mid 20′s…. I would be too embarrassed to elaborate. But I guess that’s the natural way. We grow, we explore. We find what we like and what we don’t like.
Black is too often looked at as something boring and a un-inspirering color. But do remember, it’s not that long ago we dressed up in black for our wedding. It is true though, as many say, black doesn’t fit all. Many can get lost in the fabric and find themselves disappear. Me on the other hand- finds myself in the color. This is where I can play with layers and with different cuts and fabrics. It’s about the texture and the silhouette. The person who says that wearing black is a way of hiding is more than welcome to have a look into my wardrobe.
But to go back to my question what I think defines good style. To me that means wearing clothes that will work as an extension of yourself. The garments should feel like they are a part of who you are. Now, this is not the same as trying to become someone thru your clothes. To buy clothes from a certain shop or designer just for the sake of it is not the way to find the true you. Of course I have, like everybody else, special designers I prefer to wear. But it’s because they seem to like similar things and share the same vision as me.
I can agree that fashion can tend to feel a bit serious sometimes but I’m not talking about that nor the trends that keeps coming out from it several times a year. I’m talking about personal, timeless style that do not change by the seasons. If you haven’t already found yours I hope you will soon. I have, and it’s very liberating.

Photo on 6-18-14 at 2.50 PM #8